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NR2003, GTP under Linux/Wine

Post by Frank_Mueller »

Hi all,

after getting GPL with GEM+ running under Linux with Wine 6, my next project is NR2003.

Sound, graphics are very good. 3D Sound is off.
Only my steering wheel does not working like in GPL.
I can not calibrate. No one in all the three "windows" of "NR2003 known" axis are fitting to my Logitech GT. Just like no wheel is connected :huh:
My shifter (a modified USB controller) can not be used, too.

What's the error, what is wrong?
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Re: NR2003, GTP under Linux/Wine

Post by Cookie »

Frank, have you tried in "wine control" disabling one of the devices "event" or "jst" ? (for wine 6.03!)

Maybe NR2003 uses a more recent type of interface... then try the last wine 9.x devel version
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