Want to use GPL, steering wheels, pedals etc. under Linux? Get help here
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002c:err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 308 bytes ...

Post by tagomago »

This problem has kept me clueless for over a week


I've been working with Debian for many years ... I tried several times the GPL-Debian adventure but for some reason it didn't work and always some other issue made me to put the idea aside.

A few years ago Cookie published on srmz a GPL-Linux how-to (current one) that you just had to follow and ... et voila!

The solution works with Linux-Mint which is a first cousin of Ubuntu and my beloved Debian.

Now I have gpl-linux to run and servers, so I take this opportunity to thank Cookie for his support :thumbsup:

The problem

Some time ago one of those servers let out one of those expletives that, in addition to protesting, made things end badly

002c:err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 308 bytes ...

As I was launching a server with no time to check problems I had to leave it for another one and now that I recently started with it I checked that it does it just when you call iGOR from GEM+.


You have just adjusted a track.ini for example to have a secure grid.

Linux is to utf-8 what the GPL from windows of 1998 is to Windows-1252.

If the editor you just used saves the file as utf8 you get that unexpected stack overflow expletive.

The solution

... is to use a text editor that allows you to save ANSI, such as Gedit.

From Internet search: Getting Text Editor To Use ANSI
You can do this by saving a file in Gedit using a different character set.
Normally Gedit uses UTF-8, but you'd want to use "Windows-1252" (a.k.a. ANSI).
To do this, type your text into Gedit.
Then in the File menu select Save As.
In the lower right you see a box for "Character Encoding". Click it and choose "Add or Remove".
Scroll down in the list to "Western" "WINDOWS-1252" and select that.
Click Add and then Ok to close the dialog.
Now again click on "Character Encoding" box and select "Western (WINDOWS-1252)" from the list.

Enjoy :-P
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Re: 002c:err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 308 bytes ...

Post by Cookie »

Thanks tagomago, it's good to know :twothumbs:

I mostly use the notepad of wine to edit .ini files ;)

One of the first things if something is defunct after a change I look for, is a changed spelling, as linux is case sensitive :

GEM+.exe is not gem+.exe
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